Lakewood High Prom Photos by Firefly Event Photography

A service of Modern Photography Group, LLC is Firefly Event Photography. Firefly focuses on high school events such as homecoming, prom, senior events, cheer photos, flag football, and tackle football.  This time of the year prom is the focus. Take a look at the quality Firefly Event Photography captures.

A Day At The Beach!

A photo shoot slideshow of a family reunion on Madeira Beach, FL.  The family was visiting this beautiful beach area from all over the world and their 11:00am session was bright but turned out perfect. Not too hot on this day so that helped. See the slideshow below.  Pierce Brunson Photography is a great choice for Tampa Bay area tourists that want quality and memorable photographs while they are on vacation.

Flag Football Season Has Arrived in Florida

Flag football season has started with with the Kickoff Classic hosted by Chamberlain High School. Four teams participated in the 4 game single day tournament.  Great games were played the host Chamberlain Chiefs, Wharton Wildcats, Gaither Cowboys, and the Sickles Gryphons.  Check out one of the 4 slideshows on our YouTube channel.  Photography provided by Firefly Event Photography which caters to high school event photography.

Beach Sunset Photography Shooting

Check out Shoot Review 002 where I describe the settings I use for a sunset photo shoot and the light challenges that occur as the sun goes down.  These tips are simple for anyone to follow you just need to practice up on the skill of off camera strobe (flash) photography.  Feel free to ask photography related questions on our YouTube channel of this video.

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How Did You Shoot That?

Among the many questions I get as a photographer is “how did you shoot that?” After novice photographers realize that it may not be the camera but their skill they immediately start asking skill based questions.  Since I have received this question at least 6 times this month I decided to start a YouTube video session called “Shoot Review.”  Shoot Review will be a video where I describe a recent shoot and how I achieved those results.  A few things before we start.

  1. I rarely edit in Photoshop but when I do I will let you know.
  2. I have trained myself (via many videos and books) to shoot well in camera.
  3. I spend more time shooting than editing.
  4. I will tell you exactly the conditions of all my shoots and how I achieved the results.

Being a better photographer is just practice and getting the results you want.  People hire me for my style of photography so I focus on improving my skill and process. I rarely worry about the results beyond the shoot because by then it is too late.

If you want some tips from a photographer that is constantly working to improve then follow our YouTube channel and Facebook page under “Modern Photography Group.”  Shoot Review 001 “My Camera Gear” is out now.

Tell me what you think and we have many more to come on a weekly basis.

See It All On YouTube

YouTube Logo

Along with great photography and your easy to access images you can now enjoy your personal slideshow from your photo shoot. This is an extra value that has been added to all of our shoots.  Our parent company, Modern Photography Group, LLC, is dedicated to making it easier for our customers to share their images. The best way to save your friends and family time is to share your slideshow.  It helps move your pics along in a attractive manner without the person having to click through your gallery in a time consuming manner.

This perk will start in August of 2016.

Head to the YouTube page here. Subscribe to see videos on photography tips and other photo shoots so that you have great ideas when you shoot with us again.



Kids Portrait Shoot in Tampa by Pierce Brunson

Fox Kids December 2014 by Pierce Brunson PhotographyIt was another wonderful time taking care of one of my regularly scheduled families for their Christmas card shoot that features their children.  Since my summer postings I have made major adjustments in my photography systems for events and family portrait sessions.  The sessions are now more organized which result in faster returns for my customers.

Photography is, like any craft or skill, a lesson in growth.  I now find myself able to completely visualize the settings needed to gain the results I desire before touching the camera.  I have found a way to get into a shooters zone where I am seeing everything in my frame and knowing how the results will come after I release the shutter.  I am completely off post production software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for the final edits of my pics.  I only use those programs for fancy edits.  All of my images are ready to go once I shoot them and i have worked hard to make sure my in camera work is at 95% or above for what I desire.

To get to this point you must put in a lot of hours of practice shooting but you must also teach the skill.  Something about teaching the skill that made me a better photographer was having to know and prove the result on the spot with any camera that my students would bring to class.  If your skills are stagnant then take some time to teach a class a few times a year.  I teach 4 classes a year for 5 weeks at the local college. By having to share info and make sure my students were getting the results that they desired it helped me become much faster with my own camera and settings.

Give teaching a try.


Photo of the Day: More Kids

Kid Photography by Pierce Brunson Photography

Lil buddy by Pierce Brunson Photography

My name is Pierce and I am a professional photographer that focuses on capturing the most memorable moments for families and social events.

My dedication is to deliver the images that you envision without the hassle of confusing fees for services rendered.  My sessions are stress free and enjoyable for all of my clients.

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a regular professional photo session without wondering if there are hidden fees or bait and switch tactics.  When you work with me I always deliver a high number of quality images, multiple poses, and include access and downloading of image files.  Bring your ideas and we will work together to create the photo shoot results you desire.

My customers enjoy the results from our photo session as they return for other sessions in the future.  Connect with me at (727) 599-6153 or to set up a session.

Photo Tips and Tricks: Classes Starting Soon!

Urban Landscape by Pierce Brunson

Tampa, FL by Pierce Brunson Photography

Time to take that class! Do you live in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, or surrounding Tampa Bay areas? Learn how to take great images with your DSLR camera at Saint Petersburg College through the Lifelong Learning Program  There are always a good number of people in the classes so come and join a great group of novice photographers.  Your skills will be developed every week and you will leave the five week program knowing how to take a great image with your camera.  If you have always wanted to learn more about basic photography this is for you. It is time to take a photo class that is casual but challenging. Sign up today.