Iftar Dinner Program 2017 Slideshow Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association Inc

The Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association, Inc hosted the first Iftar Dinner Program on June 14, 2017 at the St. Petersburg Coliseum in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. The theme “Breaking Bread Together Helps A Community Work for a Common Cause” was on display as many from the community came together for an enjoyable evening program. Images by Pierce Brunson and Vikki Mann of Modern Photography Group, LLC.

Product Review: Inexpensive Photo Backpack Perfect for Travel

As a “professional” photographer with a personality trait to over-pack for even the simplest vacation I forced myself to pack light (photo gear) for my recent trip to Colorado.  Though I failed at packing light when it came to my clothes, I hit a home run with the small Acuvar photo backpack that I purchased from Amazon.  This backpack was under $30 and was a perfect size for all that I needed to carry on the trip.  Check out the video for a full review of the Acuvar photo backpack.



Selling Your Photography Services

How do you get people to purchase photography services from you? Pierce Brunson of Modern Photography Group shares his “numbers game” approach to getting more photography jobs. No longer do you just throw out a post on Facebook and count that as talking to someone about buying your photography.  The video will help you sort some things out.


Improving Your Photography Website

In Shoot Review 004, Pierce Brunson give a few tips on photography website improvement that anyone can make.  These tips help with organization and customer service so that you can help your customers with their needs.

Beach Sunset Photography Shooting

Check out Shoot Review 002 where I describe the settings I use for a sunset photo shoot and the light challenges that occur as the sun goes down.  These tips are simple for anyone to follow you just need to practice up on the skill of off camera strobe (flash) photography.  Feel free to ask photography related questions on our YouTube channel of this video.

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Evening Photography Classes for Adults at SPC

Need/Want Photo Classes? I have been talking with the Saint Petersburg College (SPC) Lifelong Learning Program and it looks like they are going to get my photo classes back up and running. As of now the dates are Monday or Tuesday Evenings 6-9, April 10 – May 8. Monday will be at Gibbs Campus of SPC and Tuesday will be at the Epi Center (Off Ulmerton Road) on Tuesday evening.

They need at least 5 people in each class for it to work and continue. Please share with those interested in photography with your DSLR camera. I will help you improve greatly in five short weeks. HMU for more information or call SPC Lifelong Learning Program (727) 341-300 to express interest. Class is between $90 -$125 for the five weeks.

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My Personal Rules For Class

  • I don’t force anyone to participate you can just show up and absorb information.
  • Homework assignments are optional. They will be gently critiqued to move the individual photographer forward.
  • Ask any photo related questions as they come. Don’t wait until the subject week to ask. I will refocus the class as needed.
  • No politics or religion talk. Take a break from all of that for a few hours.
  • Expect to improve and respect the improvement of others. What may be a small step for you (or myself) can be a huge leap for others.
  • Get a snack as needed. There are machines all over both campuses don’t let hunger or thirst distract from your learning.
  • Doesn’t matter where you are in photography I can teach anyone.
  • Have Fun.

Here is the instructional schedule for my classes.

Photography Beginner/ Intermediate
Instructor: Pierce Brunson
SPC Lifelong Learning

Style: Fun, lighthearted, information filled classes in a comfortable setting for self-paced learning and involvement.

Instructional Schedule:

Week 1

Introduction to class (instruction/ flow/ breaks) and instructor
“What Do You Want To Shoot?”
DSLR Parts and Function (memory cards best practices, cleaning,
Camera Lenses, tripods, other gear)
The Exposure Triangle
M Mode Shooting
-Homework Assignment (Always Optional, will be critiqued by me and group)

Week 2

Review: the Exposure Triangle
Natural/ Available Light (outside instruction)
Review Week 1 Assignment
Enhancing Your Images (What’s In My Background, Portrait v Landscape, Shooting angles, Framing, Rule of Thirds, Focus )

Week 3

Exposure Triangle Review
Adding light/ Flash (adjusting power, off camera, diffuser)
In class studio light practice.  “How did they get that shot?”
Review Week 2 Assignment
Low light/ indoor shooting (with/ without flash)
Social Media/ Web sites/ Blogs/ Vlogs/ (Displaying what you shoot)

Week 4

Exposure Triangle Review
Off Camera Light Shooting (Outside Technique)
Review Week 3 Assignment
Advanced Equipment/ Purchasing/

Week 5

Review Week 4 Assignment
Phone Photography,
Travel Photography Tips
Photography File storage,
Photo processing and workflow (How not to use Photoshop and still get great results)


See It All On YouTube

YouTube Logo

Along with great photography and your easy to access images you can now enjoy your personal slideshow from your photo shoot. This is an extra value that has been added to all of our shoots.  Our parent company, Modern Photography Group, LLC, is dedicated to making it easier for our customers to share their images. The best way to save your friends and family time is to share your slideshow.  It helps move your pics along in a attractive manner without the person having to click through your gallery in a time consuming manner.

This perk will start in August of 2016.

Head to the YouTube page here. Subscribe to see videos on photography tips and other photo shoots so that you have great ideas when you shoot with us again.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZQngV1BvmhN97bNXdglPbA



Pierce Brunson Photography is looking for up to three models to shoot individual practice TFP shoots.  These shoots will require a the following.

1. Be available for three (3) one hour shoots between now and December 15, 2015.
2. Locations are in Tampa Bay and are limited to the places where I shoot the most.
3. Each shoot is one outfit only.
4. You are expected to know posing and know what poses you would like captured.
5. Do your own makeup and add enhancing accessories.
6. No bikini shoots.
7. No monetary compensation will be given.
8. You must identify (tag) us in all images that  you share.
9. You must be interested in getting better as a model and accept criticisms after the shoot.
10. No jealous boyfriends, significant others, or girlfriends.  Time is valuable and no need to deal with “DRAMA.”
11.  Must be 18+ and out of high school.
12. Must be trust worthy and on social media (for research purposes).
13. Must give feedback via social media (google, thumbtack) after each shoot.
14. Must share images via social media and tag “Pierce Brunson Photography” in each photo you share.
15. Must follow us “Pierce Brunson Photography” on Instagram.
16. Must be able to have a good attitude when shooting and verbalize changes that you deem necessary.

17.  I will correspond via Instagram of “Pierce Brunson Photography” only.  Once I find the people that are really interested I may add you to my personal Facebook. For direct contact/ questions, email piercebrunsonphotography@hotmail.com.  I check this once a day. Please DO NOT send any sample pics.  Your samples on Instagram is enough.  They don’t have to be perfect.

18.  I will research everyone and pick from there.  If you aren’t searchable you are out.

19. Info on what you will receive in return is on my IG post “WANNA SHOOT.”

This is a quick list. I will probably add to this later.

You will be required to sign a waiver and deliver a written correspondence acknowledging that you understand the deal with these sessions.  Simply, they are practice sessions and you get to keep the pics.

Photography Tips: Practice to Improve

One of the things photographers must do is practice.  Photographers must see their craft as if they are a sports star.  The paid event is the time to shine and put on display talents that will wow the customer.  Paid sessions, aren’t the time to try out some super creative idea that just came to your mind, they are about results. You must show up to your paid shoots ready to get results for your customers.  When I do a practice session I am looking to improve on,

  1. Order of my photography process.
  2. Confidence in any condition.
  3. Capturing “wowing” results.

Pierce Brunson Photography Sample ImageIn order to get these things to happen on paid shoots you must practice.  As a photographer, I have had to do plenty of free shoots just to keep my skills up with the great photogs in the Tampa Bay area.   We all desire a ton of paid customers but you will get more customers if you constantly show an improving skill set.  Here are some tips that I use for practice shoots.

  1. Find a person (outside of family memebers) you can practice with for multiple sessions. Let them know this is a practice shoot for you and what your approach is going to be.  If the person can’t commit to multiple shoots then find another person.  You must work with a person that you are comfortable with and understands that you will be a bit slower and mechanical at the shoot.
  2. Schedule a practice shoot monthly.
  3. Shoot at locations where you would take paying customers.
  4. Keep shoots to one hour.
  5. Keep shoots to one wardrobe.
  6. Shoot one location, two spots.
  7. Decide on natural light or strobe.
  8. Work to deliver up to 5 great images.
  9. Work slow, check surroundings, understand wind, light, time of day and other things that will help you in the future. Look for small details.
  10. Do a pre video before the shoot logging your expectations, location and weather challenges. (add pics and upload to YouTube if you wish)
  11. Audio log your experience right after the shoot. Don’t wait to write your notes later.  While it is fresh be honest and critical.  Review audio log later.
  12. Get feedback from the model.
  13. The next day, make changes to your website or process.
  14. Throw your results up on social media.

Good luck on your continued improvement.


Improving Photography Skill for Time Saving and Storage.

Lightfoot Family 2014 by Pierce Brunson Photography (33)Merry Christmas and all the shopping good times.  As photographers we take a ton of images, many are throw away images that are looked at once to see if we got the shot and never looked at again. Here are a few tips for getting great shots “in camera” and delivering quick results to your client.

A few days ago I had to to a shoot retirement shoot for a local organization.  At events like these there is always the “staff” photographer that is on the payroll.  By that i mean they are hired to do the photography professionally for their events according to the standard of the organization.  When these organizations want a “less stiff” look they hire more “artsy” photographers like myself.  I take these moments as a personal challenge to showcase my skills against my opponent (the other photographer).  Nothing personal but I rarely get to shoot against other photographers.  Work is usually based on post production skills.  Being a love of in-camera results this was my time to showcase my skills.  Here are the tips that I would have shared with the “payroll photographer.”  I hope they help you.

1. Bounce flashing is about angles.  If you never move the angle of your flash you can’t be getting consistent results.  There are times when you have to shoot the flash straight up so that the light from your flash “bounces” in front of your subject and onto their face.  Keeping the same angle while moving from two feet to 10 feet away delivers inconsistent flash results at the same angle.

2. Become a photo-sniper.  Snipers shoot their gun once, maybe twice to take out a target.  The subject is your target.  There is no need to shoot three images of every person “to make sure you got the best shot.”  Take an extra second to review your images and see if anyone closed their eyes then shoot it again if they did.  taking multiple images just because annoys me.  It truly shows that you haven’t developed the skills to take better images, improve your work flow, and save you time.

3. Know how to use light.  Aside from the bounce flashing tip, there should be no need to take three pics without flash and three with.  Why would you do that?  The answers? Hoping that one comes out correct.  Decide to shoot with flash or without but taking three quick images then turning on the flash for another three, is just terrible.

Keep building your skill.  I am growing everyday as a photographer from all the great blogs and YouTube videos that are available.  Be critical on your results and keep working toward becoming a faster shooter, reducing your throwaway images, and saving yourself time at the computer processing images.

Maybe I will do a blog on workflow and processing.