Improving Your Photography Website

In Shoot Review 004, Pierce Brunson give a few tips on photography website improvement that anyone can make.  These tips help with organization and customer service so that you can help your customers with their needs.

Beach Photography with On Camera Flash

Take a look at Shoot Review 003 where Pierce Brunson describes the techniques that went into this practice session with people on the beach at sunset. Golden Hour photography skills are a great way to express creativity and enhance the background of your images.

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Beach Sunset Photography Shooting

Check out Shoot Review 002 where I describe the settings I use for a sunset photo shoot and the light challenges that occur as the sun goes down.  These tips are simple for anyone to follow you just need to practice up on the skill of off camera strobe (flash) photography.  Feel free to ask photography related questions on our YouTube channel of this video.

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How Did You Shoot That?

Among the many questions I get as a photographer is “how did you shoot that?” After novice photographers realize that it may not be the camera but their skill they immediately start asking skill based questions.  Since I have received this question at least 6 times this month I decided to start a YouTube video session called “Shoot Review.”  Shoot Review will be a video where I describe a recent shoot and how I achieved those results.  A few things before we start.

  1. I rarely edit in Photoshop but when I do I will let you know.
  2. I have trained myself (via many videos and books) to shoot well in camera.
  3. I spend more time shooting than editing.
  4. I will tell you exactly the conditions of all my shoots and how I achieved the results.

Being a better photographer is just practice and getting the results you want.  People hire me for my style of photography so I focus on improving my skill and process. I rarely worry about the results beyond the shoot because by then it is too late.

If you want some tips from a photographer that is constantly working to improve then follow our YouTube channel and Facebook page under “Modern Photography Group.”  Shoot Review 001 “My Camera Gear” is out now.

Tell me what you think and we have many more to come on a weekly basis.

Evening Photography Classes for Adults at SPC

Need/Want Photo Classes? I have been talking with the Saint Petersburg College (SPC) Lifelong Learning Program and it looks like they are going to get my photo classes back up and running. As of now the dates are Monday or Tuesday Evenings 6-9, April 10 – May 8. Monday will be at Gibbs Campus of SPC and Tuesday will be at the Epi Center (Off Ulmerton Road) on Tuesday evening.

They need at least 5 people in each class for it to work and continue. Please share with those interested in photography with your DSLR camera. I will help you improve greatly in five short weeks. HMU for more information or call SPC Lifelong Learning Program (727) 341-300 to express interest. Class is between $90 -$125 for the five weeks.

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My Personal Rules For Class

  • I don’t force anyone to participate you can just show up and absorb information.
  • Homework assignments are optional. They will be gently critiqued to move the individual photographer forward.
  • Ask any photo related questions as they come. Don’t wait until the subject week to ask. I will refocus the class as needed.
  • No politics or religion talk. Take a break from all of that for a few hours.
  • Expect to improve and respect the improvement of others. What may be a small step for you (or myself) can be a huge leap for others.
  • Get a snack as needed. There are machines all over both campuses don’t let hunger or thirst distract from your learning.
  • Doesn’t matter where you are in photography I can teach anyone.
  • Have Fun.

Here is the instructional schedule for my classes.

Photography Beginner/ Intermediate
Instructor: Pierce Brunson
SPC Lifelong Learning

Style: Fun, lighthearted, information filled classes in a comfortable setting for self-paced learning and involvement.

Instructional Schedule:

Week 1

Introduction to class (instruction/ flow/ breaks) and instructor
“What Do You Want To Shoot?”
DSLR Parts and Function (memory cards best practices, cleaning,
Camera Lenses, tripods, other gear)
The Exposure Triangle
M Mode Shooting
-Homework Assignment (Always Optional, will be critiqued by me and group)

Week 2

Review: the Exposure Triangle
Natural/ Available Light (outside instruction)
Review Week 1 Assignment
Enhancing Your Images (What’s In My Background, Portrait v Landscape, Shooting angles, Framing, Rule of Thirds, Focus )

Week 3

Exposure Triangle Review
Adding light/ Flash (adjusting power, off camera, diffuser)
In class studio light practice.  “How did they get that shot?”
Review Week 2 Assignment
Low light/ indoor shooting (with/ without flash)
Social Media/ Web sites/ Blogs/ Vlogs/ (Displaying what you shoot)

Week 4

Exposure Triangle Review
Off Camera Light Shooting (Outside Technique)
Review Week 3 Assignment
Advanced Equipment/ Purchasing/

Week 5

Review Week 4 Assignment
Phone Photography,
Travel Photography Tips
Photography File storage,
Photo processing and workflow (How not to use Photoshop and still get great results)


We’re All Modern Photography Group, LLC.

For over a year our services have evolved to better serve our clients at the highest level possible. Along the way we have shifted our services under our new company name Modern Photography Group, LLC.  We are able to take our specific services and easily categorize under the names of Pierce Brunson Photography, Firefly Event Photography, Modern Tassel Photography, and Modern Performer Photography.  Each named service is dedicated to being focused on the images you need and are requesting.

All services offer the same basics:

  1. Photography images delivered fast
  2. Unlimited access, downloading, and sharing.
  3. Archived galleries for future access.

Each service has additional perks and tweaks. Please visit each according to your needs.

Pierce Brunson Photography: High End Social and Corporate Events and General Portraiture.

Firefly Event Photography: High End High School Homecoming, Prom, Pep Rally, Senior, and Banquet Photography.

Modern Tassel Photography: High School Seniors, Graduates, and Graduation Ceremonies.

Modern Performer Photography: Dance, Band, Drama, and Cheer Photography.

Connect with us for any of the above services.



See It All On YouTube

YouTube Logo

Along with great photography and your easy to access images you can now enjoy your personal slideshow from your photo shoot. This is an extra value that has been added to all of our shoots.  Our parent company, Modern Photography Group, LLC, is dedicated to making it easier for our customers to share their images. The best way to save your friends and family time is to share your slideshow.  It helps move your pics along in a attractive manner without the person having to click through your gallery in a time consuming manner.

This perk will start in August of 2016.

Head to the YouTube page here. Subscribe to see videos on photography tips and other photo shoots so that you have great ideas when you shoot with us again.




Pierce Brunson Photography is looking for up to three models to shoot individual practice TFP shoots.  These shoots will require a the following.

1. Be available for three (3) one hour shoots between now and December 15, 2015.
2. Locations are in Tampa Bay and are limited to the places where I shoot the most.
3. Each shoot is one outfit only.
4. You are expected to know posing and know what poses you would like captured.
5. Do your own makeup and add enhancing accessories.
6. No bikini shoots.
7. No monetary compensation will be given.
8. You must identify (tag) us in all images that  you share.
9. You must be interested in getting better as a model and accept criticisms after the shoot.
10. No jealous boyfriends, significant others, or girlfriends.  Time is valuable and no need to deal with “DRAMA.”
11.  Must be 18+ and out of high school.
12. Must be trust worthy and on social media (for research purposes).
13. Must give feedback via social media (google, thumbtack) after each shoot.
14. Must share images via social media and tag “Pierce Brunson Photography” in each photo you share.
15. Must follow us “Pierce Brunson Photography” on Instagram.
16. Must be able to have a good attitude when shooting and verbalize changes that you deem necessary.

17.  I will correspond via Instagram of “Pierce Brunson Photography” only.  Once I find the people that are really interested I may add you to my personal Facebook. For direct contact/ questions, email  I check this once a day. Please DO NOT send any sample pics.  Your samples on Instagram is enough.  They don’t have to be perfect.

18.  I will research everyone and pick from there.  If you aren’t searchable you are out.

19. Info on what you will receive in return is on my IG post “WANNA SHOOT.”

This is a quick list. I will probably add to this later.

You will be required to sign a waiver and deliver a written correspondence acknowledging that you understand the deal with these sessions.  Simply, they are practice sessions and you get to keep the pics.

Photography Tips: Practice to Improve

One of the things photographers must do is practice.  Photographers must see their craft as if they are a sports star.  The paid event is the time to shine and put on display talents that will wow the customer.  Paid sessions, aren’t the time to try out some super creative idea that just came to your mind, they are about results. You must show up to your paid shoots ready to get results for your customers.  When I do a practice session I am looking to improve on,

  1. Order of my photography process.
  2. Confidence in any condition.
  3. Capturing “wowing” results.

Pierce Brunson Photography Sample ImageIn order to get these things to happen on paid shoots you must practice.  As a photographer, I have had to do plenty of free shoots just to keep my skills up with the great photogs in the Tampa Bay area.   We all desire a ton of paid customers but you will get more customers if you constantly show an improving skill set.  Here are some tips that I use for practice shoots.

  1. Find a person (outside of family memebers) you can practice with for multiple sessions. Let them know this is a practice shoot for you and what your approach is going to be.  If the person can’t commit to multiple shoots then find another person.  You must work with a person that you are comfortable with and understands that you will be a bit slower and mechanical at the shoot.
  2. Schedule a practice shoot monthly.
  3. Shoot at locations where you would take paying customers.
  4. Keep shoots to one hour.
  5. Keep shoots to one wardrobe.
  6. Shoot one location, two spots.
  7. Decide on natural light or strobe.
  8. Work to deliver up to 5 great images.
  9. Work slow, check surroundings, understand wind, light, time of day and other things that will help you in the future. Look for small details.
  10. Do a pre video before the shoot logging your expectations, location and weather challenges. (add pics and upload to YouTube if you wish)
  11. Audio log your experience right after the shoot. Don’t wait to write your notes later.  While it is fresh be honest and critical.  Review audio log later.
  12. Get feedback from the model.
  13. The next day, make changes to your website or process.
  14. Throw your results up on social media.

Good luck on your continued improvement.