Event Photography

Our event photography service is more than just having your images captured and delivered. We help you preserve the memories and legacy of your events by capturing great images and storing them without additional costs for access. We capture for any event from birthday parties, corporate events, holiday events, sweet 16, quinceaneras, family fun, social events, grand openings, open houses, performances, and more.

With Pierce Brunson Photography your event image package results will include the following.

  • Safely stored event images.
  • Unlimited images captured.
  • Download instruction cards for you and guests.
  • Unlimited access and downloading of image files.
  • Proper title, SEO for business, branding, and online search purposes, and organized galleries.
  • Event images ready to view within 10 hours.
  • up to 4 minute slideshow of the best 40 images from the event. (72 hour turnaround time) See one of our latest videos here. Keiser University 40th Anniversary

Please use our Event Creator to describe your upcoming event and we will send you an accurate quote and call you to discuss your photography options.

Rates for Single Photographer Event:

Candid Photography
$275 for first hour. $200 each additional hour. (One photographer)

Larger Events: 400+ attendees will require an additional photographer. Call for pricing.

Stationary/ Backdrop (includes Step and Repeat) Photography 
$275 per hour. (One photographer)
Includes stationary lighting, backdrop/stand, and flooring (if necessary).

Parking Fees:

Parking rates will be charged for all events at the day rate of the venue of the event unless there is free parking. This includes street parking.

Additional Services:

  • Step and Repeat Backdrop development and sponsorship.*
  • Elegant backdrop photography.
  • Red Carpet photography.
  • Themed settings and backdrops (Christmas, Easter, Summer, Fall, Spring)*
  • Custom branded download cards.
  • Memory booklet for staff/ board of organizers/ group.
  • Gift bag information flyers.
  • Printing (4×6, 5×7)
  • Custom logo watermarking.

*custom order backdrops start at $325, must be ordered 45 days in advance, non refundable.

Pricing is based on number of people attending, hours of photography needed, and online storage and access to images.

Additional fees will be assessed for printed media, created media and printing, on-site printing, event distance/ travel (30+ miles out from 33701 at $2.50 per mile), custom backdrops and printed media, and additional staff needed for larger events.

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