Elementary and Middle School Photography

Pierce Brunson Photography specializes in event photography for public and private elementary and middle schools.  An event photography package can be helpful to capture the memories at a field day, field trip, fall/spring festival, grade level completion ceremonies, teacher appreciation, and many more.  Please call Pierce Brunson at (727) 599-6153 for rates.

Our K-8 event photography packages feature the following:

  • Low cost for affordability.
  • School branding and SEO.
  • Family enjoyment and appreciation
  • Increase positive relations with schools and their surrounding communities.
  • Secured online access to image files.
  • Unlimited access, downloading, and sharing of high resolution image files.

Memory Booklet (Great for 5th Grade Graduations, Middle School Bands/ Drama)
$9.50 per student elementary school (soft cover).
$13.50 per student middle school (soft cover).


  • 12 page memory booklet with portrait of every student.
    • Portraits separated into classes/ groups.
    • School may add up to 75 additional images to booklet
  • Custom school logo photo backdrop (step and repeat) sponsored by Pierce Brunson Photography (can be used at other events).
  • Portrait of each student on custom backdrop.
  • Student portrait image access and download included.
  • Resealable clear plastic booklet protector.

Portrait images must be captured in February and March of school year.  Takes 3 weeks for booklet to be completed and delivered once all images/ information is delivered by school.

Need photography for a high school event? Visit Firefly Event Photography.

Pierce Brunson is Level II cleared and certification is current.

Pierce Brunson Photography is a service of Modern Photography Group, LLC.

At this time Pierce Brunson Photography and Modern Photography Group, LLC do not take yearly individual school pictures.