Class Descriptions

Crash Courses are two hour classes that cover the basics of a particular topic to get you started and successful.  Longer classes review the basics multiple times for those that need more practice.

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Crash Courses: (See class schedule here)

  • Getting Started In The Business of Photography $75
    • Great for starting part time photographers that enjoy photography and desire to make some money without running a huge business. Will cover website, equipment costs, workflow, and professional standards.
  • Start and Develop Your YouTube Channel $75
    • How to properly setup and run a YouTube channel that works for your desired endeavor. Second hour will feature how to light and shoot a great video with your phone and get your message out within two hours.
  • Off Camera Strobe (Flash) Photography for Outdoor Portraits $75
    • How to work within shaded areas with a strobe to enhance your image quality.  Learn how to balance the subject light and background so that your images are balanced and colorful.
  • Off Camera Strobe (Flash) Photography for Sunset/ Beach Photography $75
    • How to take great sunset images on the beach and in well lit areas with an off camera strobe.  This session will greatly improve your ability to capture images with the sun directly in the background.

Photo Classes

  • Adult Beginner / Intermediate Photography Class $75
    • Week 1: Introduction to Digital Photography
      1. Introduction
      2. What do you want to shoot?
      3. Camera Parts and Functions
      4. What’s in your camera bag?
      5. Exposure Triangle

      Week 2: Introduction to Digital Photography Part 2

      1. Exposure Triangle
      2. Shooting Modes
      3. Getting Your Results is more than settings

      Week 3: Capturing the Image You Want (Your Expression)

      1. Exposure Triangle Review
      2. Setting Up the Shoot
      3. Framing Your Subject (Rule of Thirds)
      4. Composition

      Week 4: Capturing the Image You Want 2

      1. Focusing Areas
      2. Blurring the Background
      3. Posing
      4. Available Light/ Using Flash