Pierce Brunson Photography is looking for up to three models to shoot individual practice TFP shoots.  These shoots will require a the following.

1. Be available for three (3) one hour shoots between now and December 15, 2015.
2. Locations are in Tampa Bay and are limited to the places where I shoot the most.
3. Each shoot is one outfit only.
4. You are expected to know posing and know what poses you would like captured.
5. Do your own makeup and add enhancing accessories.
6. No bikini shoots.
7. No monetary compensation will be given.
8. You must identify (tag) us in all images that  you share.
9. You must be interested in getting better as a model and accept criticisms after the shoot.
10. No jealous boyfriends, significant others, or girlfriends.  Time is valuable and no need to deal with “DRAMA.”
11.  Must be 18+ and out of high school.
12. Must be trust worthy and on social media (for research purposes).
13. Must give feedback via social media (google, thumbtack) after each shoot.
14. Must share images via social media and tag “Pierce Brunson Photography” in each photo you share.
15. Must follow us “Pierce Brunson Photography” on Instagram.
16. Must be able to have a good attitude when shooting and verbalize changes that you deem necessary.

17.  I will correspond via Instagram of “Pierce Brunson Photography” only.  Once I find the people that are really interested I may add you to my personal Facebook. For direct contact/ questions, email piercebrunsonphotography@hotmail.com.  I check this once a day. Please DO NOT send any sample pics.  Your samples on Instagram is enough.  They don’t have to be perfect.

18.  I will research everyone and pick from there.  If you aren’t searchable you are out.

19. Info on what you will receive in return is on my IG post “WANNA SHOOT.”

This is a quick list. I will probably add to this later.

You will be required to sign a waiver and deliver a written correspondence acknowledging that you understand the deal with these sessions.  Simply, they are practice sessions and you get to keep the pics.

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