Kids Portrait Shoot in Tampa by Pierce Brunson

Fox Kids December 2014 by Pierce Brunson PhotographyIt was another wonderful time taking care of one of my regularly scheduled families for their Christmas card shoot that features their children.  Since my summer postings I have made major adjustments in my photography systems for events and family portrait sessions.  The sessions are now more organized which result in faster returns for my customers.

Photography is, like any craft or skill, a lesson in growth.  I now find myself able to completely visualize the settings needed to gain the results I desire before touching the camera.  I have found a way to get into a shooters zone where I am seeing everything in my frame and knowing how the results will come after I release the shutter.  I am completely off post production software such as Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for the final edits of my pics.  I only use those programs for fancy edits.  All of my images are ready to go once I shoot them and i have worked hard to make sure my in camera work is at 95% or above for what I desire.

To get to this point you must put in a lot of hours of practice shooting but you must also teach the skill.  Something about teaching the skill that made me a better photographer was having to know and prove the result on the spot with any camera that my students would bring to class.  If your skills are stagnant then take some time to teach a class a few times a year.  I teach 4 classes a year for 5 weeks at the local college. By having to share info and make sure my students were getting the results that they desired it helped me become much faster with my own camera and settings.

Give teaching a try.


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