Photo Tip Wednesday: Read a Blog or Book

Read a Photography Book or Blog.

Even as a professional photographer I still read blogs from other skillful photographers. The understanding of the photographer’s lifestyle is to always keep growing and challenging yourself. I would start with “the digital field guide” for the make and model of your camera. You can pick these up in any Barnes and Noble and they are great to have when you are going shooting in case you get stuck.

Pierce Brunson is a photographer, author and entrepreneur that lives in beautiful Tampa Bay, FL. He is a former high school teacher that now works to improve the high school experience through motivational speaking, writing, and his photography venture Firefly Event Photography ( He enjoys family, friends, taking pics for his social media accounts and pondering his existence. He also teaches photography classes for Saint Petersburg College in their Lifelong Learning Program where he helps those with a camera become skilled photographers. Find Pierce Brunson all over social media. Visit for more info about the rest of Pierce’s talents and passions.



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