Family Photo Shoot on Overcast Day

Family Photo with Tree in Background

Family Photography by Pierce Brunson

Results from a photo shoot on an overcast day.  My goal for 2014 is to use my 70-200 2.8 “all world” lens. In this video I actually say that I will be using that lens and show you the results.  Well, I chicken out and head back to my trusty 28-135.  Oh well.

The key here is taking the images they want.  They wanted traditional images with a nice background. I think we accomplished that.  I also used my 580EX II at 20 feet away on +2. I have to have it there when I shoot at F-11.  I wasn’t too happy about the location as it has been overgrown and a bit too woodsy for my tastes but today there were some nice shots to capture in this area.

Canon 50D

ISO 500-800 (Which I hate going that high)

F-stop 9-11 (I shoot at these ranges to get a nice look at the sky, on a grey day you need to get as much detail as possible)

Shutter 125

Flash: Canon 580EXII +2 at a distance of 15 feet.

Information Video:

Pierce Brunson is a photographer and entrepreneur that works in the Tampa Bay and Central Florida areas.  The main goal is to capture great images that clients will enjoy well into the future.  Areas of concentration are maternity, newborn, families, high school seniors, and social and corporate events.  As a strobist photographer Pierce works to capture the best images and deliver as quick turnaround so clients can enjoy their images longer.


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