Photo Tips: How I Improved My Skill

Over the last few months I have had many people ask me how did you become such a good photographer.  Being thankful for the compliment I started to wonder how did I get to the point where I capture what I want about 85% of the time I click. Good is so subjective but there are things that all photos have that attract the majority of viewers.  Most know it is practice but they want a fast track of knowledge and eliminate the fluff so they can impress others.

With a limited amount of funding you can greatly improve your photography skills. So here is my list of deeds.

1.  Facebook’em:  Follow active photographers on your favorite social networking site.  I personally follow 25+.  They should be from all walks of photography that you want to learn. When they post a sample of their work look and like.  Then try to create a similar image using your style.  It make time to grow your style but keep viewing photogs.

1A: Google+ yourself and join a community. You can follow me Pierce Brunson  and join my community: Creative Couples Photography

2. Youtube’em: Same as #1 but photogs show you technique for free. Use the search.

3. Take a class: Live instruction great.  Go into the class (probably at your local community college) with a strong basic knowledge of photography. Taking a class and doing the assignments will help improve the questions you have and confirm some things you already know.  It doesn’t have to be a semester long. I currently teach one that is five classes over five weeks.  Sign up and improve your basic skills. Find me here Spring 2014:

4: Buy the “Field Guide” book for your camera. You will learn things, crazy cool things.

5. Favorite educational sites or join email lists:  I have many favorites on my email list but I also get notifications in my email. If you don’t know about DPS you ain’t trying to improve.  They are just giving away knowledge.  I read one article a week.  Here is their link

6. Shoot a lot: C’mon it is digital files not film. No need to not shoot as much as possible.

7. Shoot slow:  Take your time to improve.  Don’t go clicking like you are shooting off an AK-47. Focus on what you want to shoot.

8. Plan a shoot:  Go out to shoot with a purpose.  Walking around is a great way to capture images but your photo shoots should have a plan of image capture.  Start working on your knowledge of simple poses, finding your favorite spot, and learning yearly lighting conditions in your area.

There are many more but these are the few that helped me improve
my photography skill. Thanks.

Pierce Brunson

Let me know how you improved on our Facebook page.

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