Photo Tip: Take A Class!

Senior Portrait Image by Pierce Brunson Photography

Senior Portrait Image by Pierce Brunson Photography

Photo Tip: Take A Class!  One of the best ways to become a better photographer is to take a class.  I know that everyone is busy but there are plenty of classes in every community for every level of photographer to attend.  It could be a weekend session or a five week class at your local community college.  If you are interested in improving your photo skills get the help that is necessary. Sure you can learn a lot from a YouTube video but there is nothing like hands on learning environments.  If you are in Pinellas County I teach a class for adults in the Spring and Fall for adults through the St. Pete College Lifelong Learning Program.  Contact me directly or view the SPC LLL page here

Have a great time learning!

My name is Pierce and I am a professional photographer that focuses on capturing the most memorable moments for families and social events.

My dedication is to deliver the images that you envision without the hassle of confusing fees for services rendered.  My sessions are stress free and enjoyable for all of my clients.

Everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy a regular professional photo session without wondering if there are hidden fees or bait and switch tactics.  When you work with me I always deliver a high number of quality images, multiple poses, and include access and downloading of image files.  Bring your ideas and we will work together to create the photo shoot results you desire.

My customers enjoy the results from our photo session as they return for other sessions in the future.  Connect with me at (727) 599-6153 or to set up a session.


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